Welcome to the White Mill

The White Mill was built in 1760 and still has most of its original wooden machinery.

Windmill: Restored between 1960 – 1981.

The Engine House: Restored in 1995, contains a Lister petrol engine which can be used to drive a Plate Mill to grind corn into flour.

The Miller’s Cottage: Built in the 1830’s, and outbuildings are a rare survival of a complete milling site. Run for almost 100 years by the Stanley family, the windmill was supplying flour and animal food throughout the Victorian era, and worked on until 1957.

The Museum is housed in the Miller’s Cottage and other buildings surrounding the mill.

There are exhibits of Farming and Craft tools, Kitchen & Laundry equipment, plus a complete Wheelwright’s workshop and a Blacksmith’s workshop complete with forge.

Photographs show Victorian Farm workers and local people 100 years ago and there are many displays of agricultural and other craft equipment.

Why not visit the White Mill Rural Heritage Centre, we are open all year round.

**for latest Covid-19 advice and visitor information please go to Contact and Visit Us**

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