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Woody and I (and sometimes Ken) have almost completed the new roof structures over the Workshops and Forge. We await delivery of the corrugated roofing to finish, probably towards the end of September.
The Cowshed is fully re-roofed, just some finishing items and introduction of a roof light. We have just begun setting-out of the new roof structure of the Cart shed. Hopefully all complete by mid-November.
The Mill tower temporary repairs were done a few weeks ago, using salvage and ad hoc solutions (often known as gaffer tape). I have in hand drawings and specification for an application to DDC for listed building consent to reclad the whole tower in white painted timber weatherboard, which is a solution all of us like (including DDC), can confidently do in-house, and which we can now afford due to storm insurance settlement, and Dover grant. Probable time to start this will be next Spring, but will depend on liaising with Martin’s team on logistics re the Cap refitting.
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