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Don, Roger, Tim & myself are continuing with the repairs to the framing on the cap, its pretty much there now.
Kevin is going to make the pattern for the replacement spokes for the brake wheel (he’s currently working away until the end of the month I think)
Albert has started painting the cladding for the cap, we intend to start cladding the back of the cap first once he has finished painting it.
Robert is continuing to re-assemble the curb inside the metal ring. A very painstaking job! he will then re-make the most severely damaged sections before bolting it all back together
Tim has started to make some of the new teeth for the curb.
The wallower (at the top of the mill) needs work.
Currently the thinking is that the curb will be replaced early next year, followed by the cap, but unlikely on the same occasion. The replacement of the curb will be timed so as to happen when the scaffolding (to be used to replace the tower cladding) is in place.
Once the cap is replaced work can start on the stocks & shutters all of which needs to be assembled on the ground prior to being dismantled & installed on the mill.
I’ve spoken to Paul (millwright) on a couple of occasions recently & he’s happy with the direction we’re going in.
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